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ARi has been involved in the development of technologies supporting conversion of agricultural products and lignocellulosic materials into fuels and chemicals since the early 1990's.

P11-AFor example, a multidisciplinary grant sponsored by The US Department of Energy (DE-FC07-01ID14016), received in 2000, resulted in the development of technologies based on membrane filtration, ion exchange and industrial chromatography which separate and purify biomass derived sugars for further conversion into fuels.

More recently, ARi has developed several other biomass processes in collaboration with industry leaders, these include:

  • Separation of sugars from dilute or concentrated acid hydrolysis solutions
  • Separation of organic acids from fermentation broth
  • Separation of sugars from fermentation broth
  • Separation of polyols
  • Separation and purification of oligo and polysaccharides

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