Membrane filtration complements ARi's core technologies. The pore size range for microfiltration and ultrafiltration is ideal for pretreatment of materials prior to separation using ion exchange or chromatographic technologies. Clarification and removal of colloidal material as well as the sterilization of process streams are examples of such applications. Nanofiltration (NF) and RO membranes are efficient for post-treatment of product or effluent streams. An example is recovery of spent brine from the regenerant stream of decolorization processes.

P10-AThrough long-term collaboration with major manufacturers, ARi has identified criteria central to evaluation of new membrane applications. These include:

  • Monitoring of critical operation parameters for meaningful pilot testing,
  • Scalable design of pilot equipment,
  • Analysis of modes of potential membrane failure for risk-free implementation on the large scale.

ARi can offer advice with respect to building versatile membrane equipment, pilot plant operation and evaluation of results.

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