Amalgamated Research LLC has been designing and installing ion exchange systems for over 30 years. Applications include decalcification in the sweetener industry, ion exchange of dairy byproducts, demineralization, decolorization and municipal water treatment.

P9-ABenefits of ion exchange

ARi's ion exchange systems offer the advantages of fractal distribution which provides unmatched turndown capacity, sustained operating capacity, increased yields, high product purities, lower rinse water requirements, reduced environmental concerns and low life cycle costs.

ARi has developed working relationships with all major ion exchange resin suppliers and can recommend and qualify the proper resin for each application.

ARi operates pilot skids for the evaluation of new application for determining customer scale-up requirements. Variable size pilot systems are available, as well as custom fabricated skid mounted pilot plants that are ideally suited for remote testing. The pilot plants are capable of evaluating a wide variety of feed materials including corrosive chemical mixtures.

Wet chemistry, instrument and microbiology labs support the pilot testing. ARi ion exchange services include:

  • Pilot testing at the ARi pilot facility.
  • Lease of pilot skids for on-site testing.
  • Sale of custom design pilot plants for customer testing or demonstration purposes.
  • Project R&D, supervision and engineering from lab to industrial scale implementation.
  • More information on ARi's Ion Exchange services

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