Due to ARi's invention of fractal distribution, a number of additional technologies have been enabled. One of the most useful of these new technologies is shallow bed processing. By taking advantage of extremely uniform and low turbulence fractal distribution, vessels can be constructed using very shallow beds of processing media.

P6-AARi's fractal softener is a good example of fractal shallow bed processing. These ion exchange systems can be designed with as little as a few inches of resin and operate at up to 50 times greater bed volumes per hour compared with conventional softeners (up to 500 bv/hr or higher).

Advantages of Fractal Shallow Bed Technology:

  • Vessels with very low bed height to width ratio can be successfully designed.
  • An over packed bed is not required to obtain uniform flow distribution through the vessel.
  • Bed pressure drop is not required to enable uniform flow distribution through the vessel.
  • Flow rate can be increased significantly due to a large decrease in pressure drop.
  • A process can exhibit a large decrease in linear velocity compared with conventional configurations (this can improve diffusion limited processes).
  • Capital cost is reduced since material can be processed through much smaller vessels.
  • Footprint is significantly reduced.
  • Less expensive construction is required due to pressure.
  • Due to low pressure, ordinarily unacceptable but desirable (e.g., low cost, easily machineable) construction materials can be used.
  • Low equipment volume allows ordinarily expensive, but efficient separation media to be used.
  • Highly compressible media or highly viscous solutions can be used while maintaining high productivity.
  • Relatively small size media particles can be used, which can reduce HETP.
  • The size of peripheral equipment (pumps, tanks and industrial equipment) can be reduced.

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