Juice Photo Chemra 675 PzlsEquipment supplied by:  ESCON GmbH                              Resin supplied by:  CHEMRA GmbH                                                (www.escon-gmbh.com)                                                       (www.chemra.com)

Amalgamated Research LLC's industrial process systems have been in service since the 1980's. Through continuous research and process development, ARi has become a leader in the industry for providing unmatched efficiency in industrial separation and mixing technologies.

ARi's patented fractal fluid control maximizes utilization and performance of process media and equipment. This fluid control provides unprecedented plug flow characteristics such as nearly identical +/- 2% distribution variance and the capability to provide flow densities of greater than 100 points per square foot. As a result, engineers implement the concept of process intensification, often resulting in a 10:1 reduction in equipment size. Fractal mixers provide very low energy consumption with the inherent capability to minimize contact time and maximize reaction homogeneity.

ARi has extensive experience in developing turnkey solutions utilizing chromatography separation principles. ARi installed its first industrial scale simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography system in 1981 for HFCS production in the starch/corn syrup industry. Since that time, ARi has installed SMB systems world-wide in numerous applications.

ARi has developed and provided numerous industrial installations related to ion exchange processes. ARi's unique and patented fractal fluid distribution provides significant cost and operational advantages over conventional ion exchange systems. As an example, installations are in operation throughout the world utilizing the patented and compact Fractal Shallow Bed ion exchange softening technology.

ARi has extensive experience in specifying and providing membrane separation solutions. For instance, nanofiltration is utilized in syrup decolorization applications to recover regenerant chemicals. This results in reduced chemical consumption and waste generation by up to 80%.

ARi has developed cost effective filtration and separation systems and equipment to solve the complexity and reduce the capital costs for utilizing renewable feedstocks for the production of fuels and chemicals. ARi's extensive pilot facilities are available for evaluation of specific biomass processes.