ARi technical expertise covers a broad range of unit operations. With an extensive knowledge of R&D, factory operations and business development, ARi can provide beneficial consultation in the following areas:

technical-consultingNew process development

ARi can expedite process R&D in partnership with the end user. A large inventory of lab and pilot scale equipment, and the ability to rapidly configure scalable process sequences minimizes the risk of new process implementation. A wide range of industries, from biomass to water treatment depend upon ARi to develop and install reliable state-of-the-art equipment.

Fluid distribution and mixing/reactor processes

ARi can provide evaluation and guidance concerning the use of fractal technology to solve a variety of fluid handling problems.

Separation related unit operations

Assistance is available for various separation technologies, including large-scale industrial chromatography, ion exchange, crystallization, membrane/conventional filtration, evaporation, etc.

VISIT-2Analytical services and quality control

In addition to customer R&D support, ARi analytical facilities are available for contracted sample analysis.

Technical assistance in the sugar industry

ARi provides consultation in all areas of sugar beet, sugar cane and cane sugar refining.

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