ARi is a leading developer and supplier of new technologies and equipment for a range of industries. These industries include:

  • Sugar and sweeteners
  • Petrochemicals
  • Mining
  • Bioenergy and biochemical
  • Water treatment
  • Chemical
  • Dairy

ARi operates a number of highly automated pilot plants that can be rapidly assembled into various process configurations. In-house control and automation expertise allows our specialists to implement flexible control algorithms and obtain high quality pilot data. Pilot plants can be operated at the ARi facility or at the customer's location. In addition to equipment, hardware and software, ARi provides thorough pilot plant training.

In some cases, ARi has provided value for clients by leading study groups focused on pre-competitive process development. As a part of the R&D process, ARi can provide the customer with the information necessary to build a successful business case.

The R&D is followed by process implementation. The integration of newly developed technologies is accomplished through interaction with industrial partners or end users.VISIT-1

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