P14-AARi can design and deliver commercial applications through detailed consultation with our clients and through our engineering licensees.

Our licensees provide engineering services that include concept works, mass & energy balances, basic & detail engineering, procurement, EPS projects, project supervision, training, after sales support, service, and financing.

Depending on flexible arrangements with the customer, licensees can provide services ranging from partial engineering packages to turn-key solutions.

P14-BARi's primary engineering partner is ESCON, GmbH. ESCON's core portfolio includes engineering services, fractal ion exchange systems, fractal SMB chromatography, evaporation and condensation systems.

Depending upon a customer's needs, ARi and ESCON can work with the client directly or with the client's project contractor.

In addition to equipment supply, ARi provides detailed operation and maintenance manuals, training, on-site start-up and commissioning services.

Contact ARi to learn more about our full scale process implementation and commissioning services and other services.