pilot services for testing equipment P16-APilot testing is used to determine detailed engineering data prior to constructing full-scale plants. Piloting is a relatively low cost approach for determining engineering data for the final process design.

Difficult to predict system complexities and inefficiencies can be exposed, therefore reducing capital and operating risks.

ARi maintains an extensive pilot facility containing a wide variety of computer controlled equipment. Pilot testing is supported by ARi's analytical group.

Pilot skids include simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography, batch chromatography, ion-exchange, adsorption, carbon, membranes, evaporators, crystallizers, reactors, filtration etc. Pilot testing can focus on a single unit process. Or, using ARi's large inventory of support equipment, an extensive overall process can be assembled and operated.

pilot testing services for process plants P16-BSince the equipment is automated, reliable 24/7 operation can be maintained to reveal any time sensitive characteristics of a process.

Related to pilot testing, skids for evaluating prototype fractal designs are available. These skids allow custom fractal distributors, mixers, reactors and other fractal devices to be thoroughly studied and optimized.

For processes developed for full-scale operation, the pilot facilities are an ideal format for operator/supervisor training.

Pilot Equipment – Construction, Sale and Lease

ARi offers sale/lease of both custom and off-the-shelf pilot equipment to enable on-site customer testing. These options are particularly valuable for applications where the majority of an overall process is constructed at the customer site or if very long term testing is required.

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