ARi provides a variety of services. In many cases, these services complement one another and provide a full service structure for customer projects.

  • P12-AProcess Research and Development
    ARi provides lab and pilot scale R&D which allows customers to evaluate projects thoroughly prior to full scale implementation.
  • Pilot Services
    ARi's extensive facilities allow a process to be successfully demonstrated at pilot scale. This service includes detailed determination of design and engineering data.
  • Full Scale Process Implementation and Commissioning
    ARi provides engineering, project support, training and commissioning. Together with selected licensees, these services are provided in a flexible manner and can range from project feasibility to installation of complete turn-key plants.
  • P12-BFractal Design, Fabrication and Sales
    ARi designs and fabricates fractals for a variety of applications. This service includes determination of application suitability, modeling via computational fluid dynamics (CFD), prototyping, manufacturing and conformance testing.
  • Analytical Services
    A fully staffed analytical group allows ARi to support R&D and quality control. Facilities include an instrument room, wet lab and microbiology lab.
  • Technical Consulting
    ARi personnel are available for consultation concerning project feasibility, development, and optimization.