P2-AAmalgamated Research LLC is located in Twin Falls, Idaho, in the vicinity of the Snake River Canyon.

ARi is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amalgamated Sugar LLC. ARi operates as an independent company while being backed by one of the largest and most experienced sugar processors in the United States. Amalgamated Sugar was established in 1897 and has over $900 million in annual sales.

Amalgamated Research LLC has been providing services and technology to processors worldwide for over 30 years. Our separation technologies serve a wide range of industries including food and sweeteners, water treatment, chemicals, renewables (both fuel and chemicals), mining and petroleum. A key attribute of ARi service is providing customers with a full spectrum of support. This support includes lab scale R&D, thorough pilot scale evaluation, full-scale implementation and post sales assistance.

P2-BARi's patented industrial scale simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatographic systems have been installed worldwide since 1981. Chromatography, together with other separation processes, such as ion exchange and membrane systems, continue to be a major focus of our product innovation. To support this work, our lab and pilot facilities have undergone a continual expansion and these facilities are additionally available for customer R&D and process demonstration.

ARi is the world leader in the research, development and implementation of fluid control using fractal technology. In 1994 ARi patented the first industrial fluid distribution systems based on fractal geometry. Since that time, our scope of applications has continued to broaden with the addition of a variety of fractal devices including mixers and reactors, aerators, distillation distributors, combustion devices and several fractal based vessel designs.

ARi has also developed the general concept of symmetries as the main driver of process efficiencies and this concept is used, for example, in our on-going development of fractal technology.

The established history and secure structure of ARi provides customers with confidence that projects will be carried out to completion with innovation and reliability.